Guarding You: Tips on Guarding Yourself Against Sexual Violence

I guess that I have been watching too many real life crime shows as of late. Maybe, maybe not, but I am becoming increasingly concerned about people being assaulted, kidnapped, injured or killed by harmful people. Perhaps we need more information. There is a great deal of information about personal safety out there but it might not always be discussed as regularly as it needs to be. Below are just a few tips to keep in mind and share.

When someone approaches you in a public setting. Be aware that that someone may attempt to distract you to draw your attention away from being alert and slightly guarded.

Too often when we do get a strange feeling or a feeling that something isn’t quite right, we tell ourselves that nothing will happen or that we are being paranoid. It is always better to paranoid than injured or harmed in some other way.

Be aware that it is dangerous to leave your beverages unattended if you are in the company of persons you do not know and trust well whether they be male or female.

Be aware that it is not safe to be in a position that causes you to be dependent upon another person. Carry a well-charged cell phone and always memorize the numbers of persons you can call in a jam. Be sure to call people that can actually come to pick you up. They have transportation, they are nearby and an illness or condition is not an obstacle to their coming to the rescue. A call to a friend or relative who can’t come to your assistance is not the best use of your phone call.

When communicating your limits and boundaries speak from an assertive stance. Speak clearly in short concise statements. Polite statements may be ignored. Make it clear that your decision is not up for discussion.

Be aware that a violent crime can happen to anyone. Ignoring that reality may further increase your risk of becoming a victim.

It is important to remember that we should think about our personal safety even when we feel that we know the person. Dating partners or people who have an attraction to you easily come to mind. Between 70-80% of all sexual assaults occur at the hands of someone that the victim knows.

These points of awareness may help to reduce your risk of sexual assault but may not entirely prevent this violent crime from occurring. It is essential that you know on every level of your being that the offender is always to blame and that sexual assault is never the fault of the survivor! No one “asks for” or deserves to be sexually assaulted no matter what. It is one of the worst and prevalent violations of human kind.

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